12.09.2016 · Babies and Family
dsc_9800 dsc_9753 dsc_9969 dsc_9299 dsc_9155 dsc_9717 dsc_9879 dsc_9183 dsc_9832 dsc_9148 dsc_9171 dsc_9218 dsc_9921
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25.07.2016 · Weddings

JennyBlake-0042 JennyBlake-0041JennyBlake-0116 JennyBlake-0127JennyBlake-0248 JennyBlake-0190 JennyBlake-0215 JennyBlake-0220 JennyBlake-0239 JennyBlake-0305 JennyBlake-0313 JennyBlake-0307 JennyBlake-0244 JennyBlake-0374 JennyBlake-0380 JennyBlake-0538 JennyBlake-0543 JennyBlake-0550 JennyBlake-0572 JennyBlake-0627 JennyBlake-0552 JennyBlake-0611 JennyBlake-0701 JennyBlake-0704 JennyBlake-0708 JennyBlake-0430JennyBlake-0438 JennyBlake-0445JennyBlake-0465JennyBlake-0412 JennyBlake-0424JennyBlake-0803 JennyBlake-0808 JennyBlake-0811 JennyBlake-0889 JennyBlake-0883 JennyBlake-0859Event Venue: Coral Gables Country Club // Wedding Dress: Mark Zunino from Kleinfeld Bridal // Videography: Buster Brown Productions // Hair and Makeup: Makeup Artistry by Jessie // Vintage Car: Miami Vintage Prop Cars

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14.07.2016 · Weddings
YaniraAnthony-0037 YaniraAnthony-0097 YaniraAnthony-0147 YaniraAnthony-0006 YaniraAnthony-0052 YaniraAnthony-0110 YaniraAnthony-0010 YaniraAnthony-0149 YaniraAnthony-0029 YaniraAnthony-0146 YaniraAnthony-0108 YaniraAnthony-0041 YaniraAnthony-0102 YaniraAnthony-0094 YaniraAnthony-0111 YaniraAnthony-0073 YaniraAnthony-0126 YaniraAnthony-0130 YaniraAnthony-0115 YaniraAnthony-0015 YaniraAnthony-0106 YaniraAnthony-0059 YaniraAnthony-0077
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12.07.2016 · EDITORIAL, Weddings
Estancia-0150 storyboard002 Estancia-0071 Estancia-0100 Estancia-0026 Estancia-0153 Estancia-0050 DSC_5443 storyboard001 Estancia-0082 Estancia-0123 Estancia-0180 Estancia-0132 Estancia-0197 Estancia-0160 Estancia-0170 Estancia-0176 Estancia-0168

Event Planning: JCG Events // Venue: Estancia Culinaria // Floral Design: Anthology Co. // Rentals: Unearthed Vintage // Cake: Earth and Sugar // Invitations: Smock // Hair and Makeup: Hot Pink Styling // Cinematography: Pinwheel Film Company // Table Setting: West Elm // Tent Rental: Sperry Tents //Lighting: Evoga Events // Groom’s Attire: Bloomingdales // Ceremony Wedding Dress: Chernaya Bridal House // Earrings: Hot Pink Styling // Reception Dress: Bloomingdales

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05.07.2016 · Weddings
CharlotteChris-0033storyboard001CharlotteChris-0068 CharlotteChris-0094 CharlotteChris-0112 CharlotteChris-0157 CharlotteChris-0170 CharlotteChris-0156CharlotteChris-0222CharlotteChris-0162 CharlotteChris-0197 CharlotteChris-0224 CharlotteChris-0185 storyboard002 CharlotteChris-0322 CharlotteChris-0352 CharlotteChris-0369 CharlotteChris-0372 CharlotteChris-0381 CharlotteChris-0389 storyboard004 CharlotteChris-0514CharlotteChris-0557CharlotteChris-0567CharlotteChris-0469

Event Planning: Breeze Taylor Events // Venue: Hillsboro Beach Club // Floral Design: Dalsimer // Wedding Dress: Lihi Hod // Videography: Broadway Wedding Films // Band: The Grift // Photo Booth: Ayer Photo Booth // Officiant: Rev. Douglas Phillips

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