13.06.2016 · EDITORIAL

Wildeflower-0027 Wildeflower-0062 Wildeflower-0058 Wildeflower-0050 Wildeflower-0111 Wildeflower-0124 Wildeflower-0095 Wildeflower-0098 Wildeflower-0130 Wildeflower-0125 Wildeflower-0077 Wildeflower-0067I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Wildeflower Boutique on a bridal inspiration shoot. Wildeflower Boutique is a Florida-based bridal salon with a curated collection of ethereal, unconventional, and vintage-inspired gowns for the more free-spirited, bohemian bride. Wildflower carries  four sought-after indie bridal designers, including Belle and Bunty, HoughtonKite and Butterfly and Truvelle. All of the gorgeous dresses seen here can be purchased at their beautiful showroom located in Lakeworth, FL.  Florals: Anthology Co. // Makeup and hair : Beauty by Renata // Jewelry: Emma Winston Design 

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